Saturday, August 21, 2010

First of all, I would like to start this post by saying I am sitting on my patio right now, writing this. It was warm enough today, that it is still warm enough in the mountains to enjoy the great out of doors at night. Sweet relief. So far, the mosquitoes aren't eating me either.
Okay, now on to other things.

I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I know this book has gotten quite a lot of publicity, and you might be thinking the hype is just too much. Well, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story. There are a few mysteries in the book, that she reveals the answers to, in a manner that you just can't put the book down. And while the ending is a tiny bit predictable, I just didn't care. I fell in love with the three main characters of this book. I want to hug them and squeeze them and keep them safe in my pocket forever.

Now I am off to read the second in the Stieg Larrson series, The Girl Who Played with Fire. I really enjoyed the first in the series. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is funny, because I picked up that book before it became a big sensation in the US. I just picked it up because I thought, hey, that is me. (As I am a girl, and I have a dragon tattoo.) I didn't read it for a long time, as it went into the reading list. When I finally did get to it, I loved it. Although, I am glad I am not the SAME girl with the tattoo. Some of the scenes there are so intense. It is all consuming. I am looking forward to next installment. Although, I am a little sad that Mr Larrson passed away before he could write more. And that he was not able to see what a sensation his books have become. Hopefully, somehow, he always knew the gem that he created.

Just a few other quick blurbs...
The Lady Gaga concert was amazing. What a performer! What a night! Thank you to Jill, who got us the tickets.

Bri's racing is going really well this year. Go Groove! He has a lot to be proud of.

We celebrated our two year anniversary this year with some friends up at the house. It was so much fun. There was games, lightning, fireworks and fun. Seven years together, and I am still so in love.

My mom had shoulder surgery, which was tough with the injury and the stress that comes with it. But now she is SO much better, and so much more happy.

My Dad's plane is nearing completion and should hopefully be ready to fly next summer. He has big plans to make a trip out east to see family and friends.

I was in Lisa's wedding and that was an interesting experience all around. She looked beautiful, and I had a lot of fun that day. Plus, I love weddings! So, I am always a sucker for them.Life is good.This was a wild flower in my sisters yard. So pretty.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something to think about

I just watched the movie Into the Wild. I must say the director had a much more compassionate view of the "hero", than I did when I read the book. I read him as selfish, and the director read him as troubled. I guess that is the difference reading, versus watching, you get to form your own opinion. (Well, more so, anyway.) However, it did give me something to think about...

"Happiness only real when shared"

Think about it. What are your happiest moments? Do you remember who was around you? Have you ever been truly happy alone? The more I think about it, the more I think that it is the human condition. We need each other. In order in experience life, we need to experience it with a special someone, various someones, many someones, but always someone. When I look back on my life, I don't think of those moments that I spent alone.

So this is my moment to be thankful for all those someones in my life. The people that have taken me on this journey through life, and those people that continue to lead me on my way. I have a tendency to be shy, to get lost in books and movies, to take my moments alone. So thank you to all those people who pulled me out, to those that sat with me through long days, and to those who I have experienced total joy, or total sorrow with. I couldn't have made it without you. I wouldn't have wanted to do it without you. I can't wait to live it with you. Life is scary, but life is good. I often take it for granted, so it is good to stop and take a moment, every once in awhile, and remember, this is a great ride. Even if it was a movie that had to remind me to do it. :)

Now I need to go hug someone. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snowy Day

I am "stuck" at home for a snow day. I have no idea how much we are going to get, but we have around 1.5 feet right now. Sah-weet! So, that actually means I have time to blog. Woo hoo.

So B and I went down to Rio Ranch to visit Stephanie and her family. We had a good time at balloon fiesta. I did get sick though, so it was a bit of a bummer. It cut into my time to see my friends, and more time spent sleeping. But I love getting a chance to see Steph!

It was nice this time because there was a lot less wind than last year. We were out last year for Stephanie's wedding. So this year, we were out for their anniversary. :) And, we actually got to see some balloons go up this year, which was really cool. It was amazing how many balloons there are! It was awesome because Steph gave up a seat in the balloon so that B could go for a ride. He was so excited. I got to be part of the chase crew. It was funny because the balloon landed on a Native American reservation. It is kind of like leaving the country, without your passport. There were cops, and forms to fill out, crazy. And the balloon was in a narrow corridor between two fences, and we had to get it over to a more open patch of land. Tough work, but tons of fun! Our drive, to and from, was pretty easy, barring the sick part.

Other than that, B and I went to a shrimp boil at Seth's house last weekend. I love getting to eat that yummy food, right off the table. Plus, I had Brittainy and Bonnie there, so I had some good girlfriends there to hang out with. We got to talking. It is getting dangerously close to my 30th birthday. Um, what?! How did that happen? When did I become an adult? Weird! We are talking about going down to Vegas for the b-day festivities. Of course, I will be heading out to see Thunder From Down Under. Because it is funny, and I can.

I recently finished reading Into the Wild by Krakauer. I can appreciate McCandless's ideals, and that he was you and wanted to make a life for himself. I can not respect what he put his family through, especially his sister, whom he claimed to love so much. I am sorry, if you love someone, you don't cut off all contact with them, and let them worry themselves sick about you. In my opinion. Anyway, it was an interesting read. I feel the author veers off a little bit in the story, but he usually got back to it pretty quickly. It is sad though. Now, I am reading Invisible Mountain by Caolina De Robertis. So far, it is a really intriguing story about 3 women in the same family. Each section is told from one woman's point of view, and it is three generations. Cool stuff! I am about 1.4 of the way through, and I like it a lot. I is set in Uruguay, so the seasons are opposite. Weird. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the family members, but I muddle through.

Well, the snow just keeps on dumping, and it is starting to get windy. It looks like I am just, plain, going to be stuck here for awhile. Good thing I love my husband, my house, my life!


Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, am I good blogger? No!
Will I try harder next time? Yes!
Does that mean I will ever be a good blogger? Probably not.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to...

The wind has been kicking up around our house. I don't mean a pleasant breeze, I mean banshee, monsoon like winds. So, it has knocked down a couple of trees in our yard, this one was the most obvious, since it is sticking out in the road.So, if a tree falls down right near your house, and you still don't hear it the gale like winds fault?
I say yes! But Brian is doing an awesome job cutting it down to size. We should have firewood for the next century after all the beetle kill rips through here.
Also, this past weekend, it was Roller Derby time! Brian, Craig, Jeff, Jesse, Brittainy, Jill, Greg and a couple other folks all headed down to The Colosseum to enjoy a double bout. The skating was pretty fun, and always the Bad Apples were awesome. However, my favorite part is when Brittainy and I got picked to participate in the half time show. Awesome!
Title:Roller Derby Half-Time Show

Girls Rule!

Also, this weekend, Kirsten's episode of Bridezilla aired. I was actually in this one. I am on TV! It can be found on the WE channel, and the bride is Kirsten Stiff. It was a lot of fun to watch. It was interesting the editing choices that they made. I didn't think I was on camera nearly as much as I was. :) However, I have learned, if anyone ever tells me that they are going to be on Bridezillas, and asks me to be a part of their wedding, I will graciously decline and just enjoy the show at a later date. :)

Work is scooting along. I had my yearly review, and everything was pretty good. I got a raise, so that is good. Am I still getting paid what I am worth? Nah, but maybe someday.

I know you are thinking to yourself, what is that Jessica reading now? Well, I just finished the new Dan Brown book. The Lost Symbol. It was pretty classic to his style. I enjoyed the book, and I liked the ending to the story, but not to the book. Once you read it, you will understand. But I can't tell you more than that, because then it would ruin all the suspense, and that is what Mr. Brown writes for. Now I am reading The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. I have not read any of her other murder mysteries. This one is pretty good, but some of the ways the investigators go about their business seems a little odd. Would a chief investigator ever walk around town letting people borrow the evidence to show to someone else? Umm, I come from a small town, so I guess it is possible, but NOT likely. It is set right after Labor Day though, so it is a perfect time to be reading it. Even if it is set in Canada. Hey Bonnie, now I know how you crazy Canadians think. Murderers and cover-ups the whole lot of ya!

Guess that is it for now...

Can you guess when you will hear from me again?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Do you ever just get the news that you didn't want to hear at all. My best friend Stephanie, and her family have decided to move to NM. I am not happy. Not even a little bit. Of course, I want what is best for them, but I am going to miss them so much! It is hard to describe the actual sadness

On a brighter note, I did survive the Bridezillas adventure. My friend Kirsten was being filmed for it. And her wedding was insane! It was very disorganized, and there were "way too many chefs in the kitchen." I was so happy to get a moment to actually spend with Kirsten, which is what I made the trip out there for. I have missed hanging out with her. She is always fun and entertaining.

Anyway, I am being bad and writing this during rehearsal, so I should go...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fertility Day

Hurray Bunny Day!

No major plans today. :)

Brian is out taking his motorcycle classes, so that is pretty cool. Soon, I will be the hot chick on the back of the bike.

I am cooking dinner tonight for the fam. However, the fam is very small this year. It will be Brian, Mom and me. Meghan went into labor this morning, so they are at the hospital, (they weren't going to come up anyway), so Nancy is down at the hospital with them. The boys were supposed to be with Brian Jamieson, but I guess he dropped them off at the hospital as well...not sure what is going on there.

I am still super tired, and I am not sure how I am going to catch up with rehearsals and work. But I had a great time last night. I went on my "first date" with Bonnie. It was the first time we had gone out, just the two of us, without the boys. We had a great time. Went out and had some food and drinks and the we were off to see Greater Tuna, and then...met up with the boys later. :) The play was hysterical! And it was cool, because one of the playwrites came and saw the show. What a great opportunity for Austin and Seth! I took a couple pictures of the eveing on one of those old fashioned cameras, you know those diinosaurs, that use film? So I will post some pictures later.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today I had an odd stroke of luck. I somehow only had to work until noon today, AND I ended up not having to go to rehearsal. Woo Hoo!

Sadly, I had to run an errand and go get my tire fixed. It had a very slow leak in it. It is never much fun hanging out at the tire store, but they fixed it for free! That made me happy. So after an hour of my life spent in the tire store, I was out of there.

I hurried home after picking up some lunch, and did...nothing. That is right, I have done nothing. I watched some tv, took a short nap, did some sit ups. Nothing. It was wonderful.

I did see the neighbors walking their dog, which looks a lot like young Jordan. Sad. I miss her.

But, soon my Husband will be home, and life will be good!